FL6206 series are highly precise, low power  consumption, high voltage, positive voltage  regulators manufactured using CMOS and laser  trimming technologies .The series provides large
          currents with a significantly small dropout voltage.
          The series is compatible with low ESR ceramic  capacitors .The current limiter’s foldback circuit  also operates as a short protect for the output  current limiter and the output pin.


          Highly Accurate:±2%
          Output voltage range:1.5V~5.0V
          ( selectable in 0.1V steps)
          Low power consumption:8uA(TYP.)
          Large output current:300mA (VIN=4.3V,VOUT=3.3V)
          Input voltage: up to 6 V
          Excellent Input Stability

          Be available to regulator and reference voltage

          Packages:SOT23-3,SOT89 ,SOT23,TO-92


          Battery powered equipment
          Communication tools
          Mobile phones
          Portable games
          Portable AV systems
          Cameras, Video systems

          Reference voltage sources



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