FL30P2020,P-Channel 30V-WLCSP Power MOSFET

          True wafer level chip-scale packaging is available from Fangjing.  The WLCSP package is one-fifty-eighth the footprint  of a comparable SOP-8 package and has a profile of less  than 0.25mm. The device has been designed to deliver the  lowest on resistance and gate charge in the smallest  outline possible with excellent thermal characteristics in  an ultra-low profile.

          ? Power MOSFET Technology
          ? Ultra Low Qg and Qgd, High Speed.
          ? Single P-channel MOSFET
          ? Small Footprint 2.0mm × 2.0mm
          ? Low Profile 0.25mm Height
          ? Pb Free / RoHS Compliant
          ? WLCSP Package

          ? Power Management
          ? Load Switch
          ? Battery Protection
          ? DC/DC Converter
          ? LCD Display



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