FL20N0607,N-Channel 20V-WLCSP Power MOSFET

          True wafer level chip-scale packaging is available from Fangjing.  The FL20N0607 is a single N-channel MOSFET designed for power switch circuit and has a profile of less than 0.25mm.  The device has been designed to deliver the lowest on  resistance and gate charge in the smallest outline possible  with excellent thermal characteristics in an ultra low profile.

          ? Power MOSFET Technology
          ? Small Footprint 0.677mm × 0.743mm × 0.25mm
          ? Ultra Low Qg and QG-S
          ? Single N-Ch MOSFET
          ? Pb Free / RoHS Compliant
          ?Weight : 0.459 mg [typ.]
          ? WLCSP Package

          ? Load Switch, OVP Switch
          ? Boost Converters
          ? DC Motor Drive
          ? DC-DC Converters



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